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Press Bio

Viviane Chauvet is an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar in a projected human form, International Public Speaker, Published Author, Multidimensional Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. In 2013, she founded “Infinite Healing from the Stars” to assist people worldwide to heal and ascend. Through her work, Viviane has developed the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® modality, a multidimensional experiential way of healing, integrating, and expanding. Her first collaborative #1 Best Seller book “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace” is available on Amazon as a published author. Viviane features in j3FILMS 18-time award-winning documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelations.” It explores the historical significance of E.T.’s presence in specific paradigms, including ascension. Viviane has given many interviews and lectures on consciousness and intergalactic wisdom. Today, she is the producer and co-host of The Infinite Star Connections podcast. In 2022, Viviane joined the W.I.S.H. Alliance as an Ambassador and Emissary. For information on our meditations, Patreon community, classes, and services, please visit

Publication & Documentaries

“Extraordinary: The Revelations” a film by j3FILMS

Official Release Date: November 30, 2021
This 18-time award-winning documentary explores the historical significance of E.T.’s presence in specific paradigms, including ascension.

Visit the Film Webpage:


Ancient Intergalactic Journey of an Archturian Hybrid

Available September 21, 2021

Wisdom of the Silver Sisters, Guiding Grace

Order Kindle or Paperback Today:

Amazon #1 Best Selling Book
Speak Up Talk Radio’s Firebird Award for Chapter Books

Reviews: “This book is interesting, introspective, teachable, in a very delightful manner.” “Each chapter is a lesson, a modern-day allegory where we gain insight into our ‘self.” “We find that on some level, we are all bonded, all members of this sacred sisterhood.” “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters, Guiding Grace is prose that reads like poetry. Each time you reread a message, something new is revealed.”
The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics”  
Craig Campobasso’s amazing Almanac is now available. It includes a contribution by Viviane Chauvet (Arcturian section).
Buy personalized & autographed copies of the book:

Other publications by Craig Campobasso:

The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga Book Series

Stranger at the Pentagon (Valiant Thor and Dr. Frank Stranges)

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