Spiritual Growth

The Power of Your Heart
Center of Ascension

Your heart center is the most potent and outstanding source of power that you possess. And yet it has been concealed from you for these very reasons by disrupting your
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An illustration of a person with Emotional Raw Energy

Emotional Raw Energy

Attachments and Patterns The human emotional field has the capacity to generate high energy. It magnetizes our thought-forms and gives them the necessary fuel/energy for manifestation. Our galactic wisdom for
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The Infinite Star Connections

Podcast Broadcasting Live on Facebook, YouTube & Periscope! Join your hosts Viviane Chauvet and Jeff Demmers on Sunday, August 23rd, at 11:00 a.m. PST!
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Healing the Core Matrix
Removing Negative Programming

We are embracing a new area of higher consciousness. It is vital to remove the core-fear program from the Earth & Humanity’s Matrix. Your soul’s timeline is shifting to adjust
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Combo Session: Intuitive Guidance and Energy Work

Being Empathic
Powerful Gift!

The Arcturians recognize that many light workers have the gift of empathy. It means that you have the ability to feel and potentially absorb other people’s energy, emotions, and thought-forms.
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