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Infinite Star Connections

Join us Biweekly on Sundays

Welcome to the Infinite Star Connections!

Our Podcast is a unique interstellar online channel that gives a voice to the star nations and gifted light-workers worldwide! We have a stellar lineup of guest speakers including James Gilliland, Brad Olsen, Rey Hernandez, Cliff Mahooty, and more!

Each episode brings great wisdom, community energy, vision, enlightenment, and powerful clearing techniques.

Let’s walk the path of ascension together!

Viviane Chauvet

 Viviane is the Owner of Infinite Healing From The Stars. She is known as an advanced Arcturian hybrid, galactic ambassador, and frequency healer. Her work includes Arcturian holographic quantum soul matrix healing, divine blueprint attunement, and galactic mentorship. 

Jeff Demmers

 Jeff is the CEO and Executive Director of the Infinite Voice Project as well as a galactic ambassador and Pn’ti starseed. 

Past Shows