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Peter Benson, Viviane Chauvet and David Childress,
Contact in the Desert 2019
Michael Tellinger and Peter Benson
Contact in the Desert - 2019
Jack Roth, Jon Sumple, Viviane Chauvet, Jimmy Church, Lori Wagner, and Krista Raisa
International Pasadena Film Festival 2021
Documentary "Extraordinary: the Revelations"
Peter Benson, James Gilliland, and Viviane Chauvet
Contact in the Desert - 2019
Travis Walton and Viviane Chauvet
Spiritual Conference in Sedona, AZ - 2017
Linda Moulton Howe and Viviane Chauvet International UFO Congress, 2017 Fountain Hills, AZ
j3FILM Cast of "Extraordinary: The Seeding" Documentary International UFO Congress - 2019
Jack Roth (j3FILM Co-Producer), Peter Benson and Viviane Chauvet
Internation UFO Congress - 2019