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What is the Lyran Universal Healing Grid?

Infinite Healing from the Stars’ CEO, Viviane Chauvet, describes the Lyran Universal Healing Grid as three healing sessions using the resources from an interstellar partnership between Lyrans and the Arcturian Council. The package includes Crystalline Soul Healing® and Arcturian Energy Matrix.

Viviane describes Crystalline Soul Healing® as programming instructions based on Lyran methodology in a healing template. This helps to reintroduce the evolving flow of life by healing trauma, misinformation, and harmful patterns. Viviane explains this modality bridges the realms of creation with the physical plane. To benefit from this type of healing fully, three sessions are recommended.

  1. The first session is intended to pinpoint the harmful patterns in one’s life and start the process of holographic quantum light healing.
  2. The second session will consist of working with the Lyran Crystalline Soul Healing® template.
  3. In the third session, the Lyran Belief Matrix and the Arcturian life-force energy will be used to heal, clear the client’s unique frequency signature, and activate the luminous body.

Each session is one hour. This is meant to bring the client to a spiritual balance for enlightenment.

Request three sessions by appointment with Infinite Healing from the Stars by visiting