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A Look into the Archangel Metatron Pendant

The Archangel Metatron Pendant is a hand-crafted piece containing two copper rings with numerous crystals throughout. Peter Benson, the creator of these pendants, crafts the pendants with the intention of protecting the bearer’s core energy field from negative energies, entities, and people as well as impacting and clearing their emotional field. The individual crystals are thought to hold their own benefits, as well.

The deep blue color of Lapis Lazuli has earned this metamorphic rock a reputation for symbolic royalty, honor, power, spirit, and vision. It has been popular amongst healers, mystics, priests, and royalty for centuries. It is believed that lapis lazuli is a spiritual conduit allowing otherworldly wisdom and psychic abilities to flourish. Since ancient times, the stone has reminded people of the night sky. The golden flecks resemble the stars, leading medieval Europeans to believe it counteracts dark spirits and brings spirits of light and wisdom. As this semi-precious stone is said to bring about memory enhancement, intellectual analysis, wisdom stimulation, and sound judgment, it is ideal for everyone, from archaeologists, lawyers, and writers alike.

Tiger’s Eye has a reddish-brown hue and a silky luster which resembles the eye of a tiger. Therefore, it was believed to depict courage and integrity in ancient times. Ancient warriors thought it gave them protection and strength in battle. Ancient Roman soldiers thought it brought them omnipotence because they believed eyes represented power, making tiger’s eye very sought after. Today, people believe it promotes vitality and helps one prevail over emotional blocks. This is also said to help encourage positivity and brings wealth to the bearer.

Historically, black onyx was thought to cause conflicts and disagreements but today, it is believed to provide balance and grounding to its bearer. This crystal also is said to enhance discipline and self-control. It has been used for protection and calming, particularly against emotions such as grief and anxiety. Not only is black onyx known for its mental and emotional enhancements, but it may help with physical ailments, as well. It has been used to help against issues with bone marrow and feet. It also can assist to regain strength after an illness has passed. If physical endurance is a goal, black onyx could be utilized for enhancement purposes.

Morganite is said to bring healing and compassion to its wearers. This gentle pink variety of Beryl is used to obtain a higher, divine love into the life of the ones who bear it. It may also enhance and deepen an existing love or attract one’s soul mate. Morganite has been used to help one find reverence and joy for life. Also, it may inspire one to believe pain and suffering serve a higher purpose and their life has a greater meaning. This crystal has also been said to encourage fair treatment, particularly to those with mental, physical, or emotional ailments that make them hostile toward others.

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, hence the name. This mineral is told to promote individuality. It has been said Tanzanite has the power to transform negative energies into positive ones and give individuals the strength to raise consciousness to cultivate their ideas and creativity rather than conforming to others’ influence. It may also help one realize their “calling” or purpose in life. The abilities of Tanzanite may help bearers to open themselves to higher strength, trust in themselves, and come to terms with themselves, feeling content rather than apathetic.

Tensor rings are superconductors that bring tranquility and stability to an otherwise chaotic environment. The rings can neutralize magnetic fields as they are neither magnetic nor electric. Tensor rings have been able to heal or help alleviate physical and mental pain. Some examples of physical healing are abdominal pain, joint pain, or headaches can be neutralized by placing a tensor ring on top of or around the affected area. Tensor rings may also help mental health by making it easier to meditate if doing so inside a large ring or sleeping better by putting a ring under one’s pillow or bed.

The Archangel Metatron Pendant is a fusion of numerous crystals inside two hand-crafted tensor rings. When put together is said to have a large amount of healing and calming abilities to make one’s mind and life less chaotic. To learn more, please visit the Energies of Service webpage.