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What is Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing ®?

Healing is a huge umbrella of pure potential and possibilities. The innate desire to feel healthy and whole again is a journey that takes time, determination, and patience. Viviane Chauvet, the CEO of Infinite Healing from the Stars, made it her life’s work to help people heal and raise the consciousness on the planet to transform the world into a more peaceful place.

Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® is a unique modality that was developed by the Arcturian Council and Viviane Chauvet. It is an opportunity to work with intergalactic intelligence and master healers. Our Energy Matrix vibrates at a holographic quantum level and consists of core soul healing. She can assist clients with identifying and resolving resonance of blockages for soul integration, Higher Self communication, body alignment, and enlightenment.

It is said that Matrix Healing also works with the subtle bodies of light like a map to past timelines, which allows Viviane to identify trauma and other opportunities for healing and expansion. She may activate vitality and self-healing and may provide mental clarity for finding one’s life lessons and true purpose.

During a session, Viviane can explore the following areas as part of our Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing®:

  • Transmission of Light Algorithms
  • Subconscious Healing (Patterns, Core Programs, Old Belief Systems)
  • DNA Multidimensional Activation & Telomere Healing
  • Body Matrix Upgrade: New Human Cosmic Design
  • Emotional Template Healing
  • Soul Fractals Retrieval (Soul Matrix)
  • Galactic Coaching
  • Cellular Regeneration
  • Manifestation of New Personal Paradigm: Shift Your Way of Thinking
  • Channeled Messages (as received)
  • Holographic Blueprint Activation

These services are meant to help the clients evolve spiritually, while healing and working to transform the client into a higher aspect of themselves. Book a session or a healing package on our website at