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What is a “Soul Blueprint”? 

Viviane Chauvet, the CEO of Infinite Healing from the Stars, can identify one’s Soul Blueprint during a Soul Genesis Akashic Records session. Defining the Soul’s Blueprint can give one insight into their life purpose. This may give them the ability to understand the reason for their existence.

Many private sessions have been performed by Viviane, helping people open their Akashic Records through the Akashic Gatekeepers. For the first two hours of the session, Viviane will prepare a complete reading. Then she will have a sixty-minute zoom session with her client to give them their Soul Profile reading. After, she will then conduct a “clearing”.

With these sessions, one can also learn about soul groups, eternal patterns, and house lineage, and one’s past lives. Viviane also walks clients through Soul Training which is the Soul’s Body of Knowledge. Once a person is aware of their Soul’s Blueprint, healing may be accelerated, leading to feeling more enlightened and self-aware due to the new knowledge of oneself. Start by booking a “Soul Genesis Akashic Records” session with Viviane and find out your Soul’s Blueprint today!