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Healing the Core Matrix
Removing Negative Programming

We are embracing a new area of higher consciousness. It is vital to remove the core-fear program from the Earth & Humanity’s Matrix. Your soul’s timeline is shifting to adjust to the great changes in consciousness currently unfolding on the planet. Our Galactic families, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth along with Ascended Masters are joining forces to assist us.

Healing the Core Matrix of Earth requires to remove fear-based program and any negative-based program and replace these templates with an infusion of Love-Energy from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth, the Ascended Planetary Masters, the Cosmic Masters, and the Divine Polarities of Supreme Source. All that is fear based and negative in nature within the bodies of Earth and the Conscious Collective are being transmuted into pure energy of the Causal Body of Creator – Supreme Source. We are returning to a greater consciousness and acceptance of benevolent beings who have come to assist us in the Ascension process.