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Being Empathic
Powerful Gift!

The Arcturians recognize that many light workers have the gift of empathy. It means that you have the ability to feel and potentially absorb other people’s energy, emotions, and thought-forms. Instead of being pulled into stories or by the Collective Consciousness overcharged energy, we suggest that you ground by breathing into your Core Light (middle part of your Solar Plexus). Then, ask yourself “where do I invest my gift, my energy the most?” Your answer will guide you to recognize if you are feeding the “fear” aspect of the Collective or are you contributing more Light to uplift the Collective (and all sentient life forms)? This simple and yet potent technique serves as a navigational map to keep track of your energetic investment on a daily basis. It also helps you to maintain a higher level of integrity to who you truly are. Being an empath means that you can move mountains and positively create paradigm shift. As always, we are here to assist and guide you on your most important soul mission. With Love!